From demure and natural to design and so chic. your 2017 tropical Christmas will definitely be modern and traditional. Yuni is the decoration venue to keep in mind as all Mauritian families are eagerly awaiting Christmas and the New Year. Some are repainting the walls of their home, some are cleaning up, some are refurbishing while others are decorating… As for Yuni, it is here to share some of its favourite decoration items and shopping ideas to bring a joyful and festive atmosphere to your home and garden !

In your house

It is certainly not easy to find the perfect gift for each and everyone… Yuni has fortunately drafted a wish list with design furniture items, convenient and decorative  objects as well as very different mats and rugs. Everything has been devised to please all your family members and to help you bring a renewed touch to the Christmas tree setting. 

The proposed items are a selection of wicker and wooden furniture which will bring a cocooning touch. To flatter their lines, set your choice on these round wicker mats and your footsteps will have a softer sensation. Existing in natural colours, ecru, white and grey, you will feel like you are walking on Balinese mats.

The array of woven wicker baskets proposed by Yuni will perfectly fit various uses : from storage pockets to, why not, a sideboard.

Don’t miss this white Square standing lamp, which will add a chic and neo-cubic touch.

In your garden or on your terrace

A tropical Christmas is an opportunity to hold family gatherings on the terrace or outdoors. Don’t neglect these spaces. The Yuni outdoor collection proposes a wide range of plain or colourful furniture, stone statues, fountains and magnificent high-performance and very design solar lamps, that you will be able to move from place to place following your wishes and moods.   

To bring light to your garden and terrace, Yuni has selected some ultra design lamps a with great care. You may choose between :

  • The Hollywood mood with these modern flashy red and white lamos inspired by movie projectors. You will be the stars of your parties.
  • The dynamic mood with these bright-coloured lamps – saffron and mustard – to have an almost psychedelic atmosphere.

You will therefore be able to create several atmospheres and devise a traditional Javanese house trend, the joglo, style, with an ephemeral dining room during the end-of-year festivities on your terrace or in your garden. Indian or Chinese buddhas will look after your evenings and brunches as well as after all your family members. Other accessories will complement your tropical Christmas decorations with an ethnic touch such as the elephant-God Ganesh statue.

The countdown is on. Don’t wait anymore to go and check these products and a lot of others at Yuni!