Easter is drawing near, and will certainly be followed by kilos of chocolate. And if, on Sunday night, we will feel blue that it’s already over, the chocolate will be here to stay.

Since consuming chocolate leftovers should never feel like a chore, here are 12 creative, gourmet ideas to make the best of it, irrespective of your culinary skills. The key tip: sort it out to accommodate it better.


1. In triple choc cookies

The best way to accommodate miscellaneous pieces? Roughly crush the chocolate and incorporate it to a cookie dough, and there you have it: snacks to eat straight away or to save for refuelling at work.

2. In a chocolate tart

Four your plain dark chocolate? A bain-marie, butter and cream, for a silky ganache which will sublimate a humble pastry dough, simply pre-cooked in a tin case.

3. In cake pops

Any colour will do; use it in a cake. Crush it to dust, and add in cream cheese to shape little balls. Got more left? A trip in the microwave and you’ll obtain a smooth icing.  

4. In a mousse

Grab the plain chocolate, and use it to your heart’s desire; simply in one flavour, or in a chocolate trio for the bravest.

5. In muffins

Once again, whether you choose one type of chocolate, or mix a few, you can use it; melted, to impart flavour to your batter, or as chips for added texture.  

6. In pudding

We’re speaking to ‘Mericans as well as Mauritians; it’s up to you to choose the pudding; american-style creaminess, or Mauritian-style bread pudding.

7. In “Rocky road”

If, for some strange reason, you have Ferrero leftovers, get yourself a tub of chocolate ice cream, crush in some Ferreros, and decorate to taste with ganache or caramel.

8. As a dip

Indeed, let’s not forget that melted chocolate can cover just about anything and everything; it’s now or never to have some fun!

9. As s’mores

Just crush it, lay it on a shortbread, and cover with a few marshmallows, charred with the help of a blowtorch.

10. In hot chocolat 

Once again, there are two ways: the american one, smothered in grilled marshmallows, or the colombian one, where you add in a piece of cheese- preferably mozzarella or halloumi (beware: only dark chocolate is suitable here).

11. In a mug cake

For amateurs of the effortless baking school, simple ingredients, a few minutes in the microwave and it’s ready.

12. In pancakes

A box of Pancake mix, crushed chocolate to replace chocolate chips and there you have your easy, quick, but ever so tasty breakfast.

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