Christmas is over, and as every year, our trees are left aside or on the streets waiting to be picked up by garbage collectors. This year, we are offering you tips to reduce waste and to be more eco-friendly. And this time, let’s avoid putting them in the trash and please don’t think of burning them, because being still green, they will produce toxic smoke. has gathered tips for you.

1.   Make decorative objects

Ideas flow on social networks on DIYs! You can cut your tree in pieces and place the branches in a vase. Also, think about tinkering with your children on holidays by making wood frames for your photos.

2.   Replant the tree

It is very popular among some Mauritians to buy a tree which is already planted in a pot. It is much easier to then transplant it to your garden. This idea is very economical and ecological for you can reuse it the following years.

3.   Spa time

Yes, it is possible! The tree needles have antibacterial properties which are released when soaked in warm water. You can try this after the holidays for a relaxing moment and put them in a basin for a nice and well-deserved foot bath.

4.   Sell it or give it to a local craftsman

Owners of recycling and deco shops often seek for wood for their production. Some will be delighted if you give them your tree so that they make decorative objects.

5.   Make compost

Another idea for the use of an old tree is to reduce it to compost. For those who are fond of gardening, the tree can ideally add to your fertilizer. Ecological and economical!

This year, we are not harming the environment after the holidays. And with these ideas, recycling will benefit you as well as your wallet.