The Chinese New Year 2019 festivities are coming and why not innovate this year with a decoration which not solely respects traditions but which is also easy and modern? Here are some proposed decorations ideas for this New Year of the Pig.

Red and peony in the spotlight

Symbol of vitality and happiness, red is the iconic colour of the festival in China. As for peaoniesm they are the New Year’s flowers by excellence because as they are beleived to bring wealth and honour in the Middle Kingdom. Make some red paper flowers and place them on your table for a vivid and dynamic decor.

Nouvel An Chinois 2019 14

An unmissable item: the mandarin

The mandarin expresses joy and is a good omen in the Chinese culture. Adorn your table which fresh fruits for a natural and magical touch!

DIY fortune cookies

Make your own fortune cookies with cloth. First, cut a piece of cloth into rings, fold them into halves to give a half-moon shape, then drag in some words of wisdom and fortune before pasting them. Easy!

And why not wreaths?

Very fashionable this year, the flower wreaths will beautify your home. You can add flowers, cherry trees and Fung Pao for decoration.

Fake firecrackers

One of the highlights of the Chinese New Year are firecrackers. With bristol paper, make fake firecrackers and hang them in your home.

Nouvel An Chinois 2019 9

The Fung Pao or lanterns tree

If you have not used the dry branches of your Christmas tree, here is a good way to reuse them. Decorate them by hanging of Fung Paos or lanterns.

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