The DIY idea of the day: find ways of reusing objects that are hanging around in your house to give a new look to your garden! It will not only help you to save money, but your recycled objects will bring a unique decorative touch to your garden. Roll up your sleeve, and let’s go!

A medieval look for this pot!

A broken pot can be transformed into a mini flowery garden. Some plants placed here and there, some old stones forms stair steps leading to the castle, and it is done!

Tin cans turned into pots!

Your kitchen is certainly full of objects to be recycled, like for example, tin cans… Have you ever thought of removing the ticket to preserve only the metal, and decorate it as you wish? Very ingenious!

These pots can decorate both the interior and exterior of your house. For the pots that will remain in your garden, think of drilling holes in them for the evacuation of water. We also recommend applying a rust protection product if you wish to preserve them much longer!

Find a new use for your old shoes

A strange idea: give a second life to your old shoes! Here is a pot that will give a unique touch to your garden… original, isn’t it? However, the shoes cannot contain all types of plants. They are ideal for succulent plants, like the cactus. To note: this type of container must be protected, or it can easily deteriorate!

The advantage of this bathtub: large spaces for the plants 

Even more original: here is a bathtub transformed into a flower pot with huge plants… For such a pot, it is required to have space in the garden! If it is full of water, here is your old pool transformed into a basin.

Do you know that broken flower pots or aquariums can be recycled into pots for an interior garden? The only condition: maintain a permanent humidity! Favour vegetal ferns like the ivy. Old bread baskets, once hanged with a thread, become containers for your favourite plants.

Cool, isn’t it?

You do not know what to do with your old corks? Here is our idea: transform them into mini flower pots… They can decorate your table and even the door of your refrigerator, like shows this picture below. We love them!

To creates flower pots 100% recycled, what is better than plastic bottles? Cut the side of a soda bottle, fill it with breeding ground, and hang it to a wall with the help of nylon thread held by hooks.

Our last idea will surprise you. Search your library for old books. Dig the interior, and use a plastic sheet to isolate the pages to avoid water leakage. Here is your old book turned into a magical grimoire from which beautiful plants are coming out!

Have you any other idea to propose? Share your ingenious ideas with our readers!

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