All board! The little pirates cast off for a birthday party on the deck, full of colours and treasures…made of sweets.  Setting and decoration have been designed by Nathalie Jauffret-Rézannah from Dékodanz’art.


Some coloured glass bottles decorated in red and black Bristol paper for our little thirsty pirates.

Pirate hats

This pirate hat has been cut from black bristol paper and decorated with skull and crossbones, holds a treasure trove made of scrap materials: a decorated can full of sweets and candy.

Sweet jars

Decorated with fishing nets and coconut ropes, these jars riding the wave, are full of little delicacies that would surely delight our little pirates!

Delicious mountain

To create this tiered cake, Nathalie Jauffret-Rézannah took the same approach as for the rose and purple-decorated table. Everything is wrapped in gift paper with black ribbon.

Captain hook

For those who wish to play evil pirates, cups with bristol paper decorated cups are available.

Treasure chest

A wooden chair here hides many treasures: sweets in jars decorated by hessian and ribbons, gift pouches made from hessian and painted in black and filled with sweets.
For the decorative touch: a fishing net, shells and a beautiful anchor.

Source: Magazine Lacase No40
By | Marie GOUGES
Photos | Ejilen RAMASAWMY
Acknowledgments | COCO TOWN