As we all know, a fine tableware is always a delight for the eyes. This DIY will help you customise your mugs and plates and create a unique dinner table for the holiday celebrations.

To personalise your mugs and plates, you will need the following materials:

  •        Mugs and plates
  •        Ceramic paint or Pebeo Porcelaine markers
  •        A paint brush or a sponge
  •        A flexible ruler


  1.      Choose the tableware.
  2.      Clean the tableware with alcohol or soap water
  3.      Shake the marker before using it and push gently the tip to apply the ink
  4.      Draw the patterns on the mug or plate
  5.      Let dry for at least 24 hours


  • Store the markers in a horizontal position
  • For the maintenance of your tableware, it is preferable to hand wash them.
  • For the tableware that you will use, avoid areas which undergo too much contact, such as the cup rim or the centre of the plate
  • Ceramic paintings do not require to be baked. Once dry, they form a strong coating and the deco can resist scratches and light wash without soaking. 

Our shopping ideas:

For white dishes:

1. Pacific Store – Royal Road – Port-Louis
2. Cheong & Song
3. Variance – Pte Aux canonniers

And for the pens:

1. Mr. Bricolage
2. La Foir’Fouille – La Croisette
3. HobbyWorld by Hassamal
4. Bloc Note Limited