“Taking your time to see what you can use around you.” This is very the daily motto of Cécile Delpech-Faro, a wood craftswoman in Quatre-Bornes. From the coffee table to the desk in the living room, going through the jewellery holder in the bedroom to end with the glass holders in the kitchen, Cécile has made them all. Meet this one of a kind craft artist for an easy DIY!

Being inspired by the « slow decoration », Cécile’s love for wood started in her childhood. She confides that her parents raised her among beautiful antique pieces of furniture. This is why she had never really been a fan of industrial plywood but prefers the authenticity of wood. Born in Paris, she moved to Mauritius four years ago. Due to lack of financial means, she started to gather every unused object that she could find around her to create the pieces of furniture that she needs most in her new house. For the artist, furniture is more than just about aesthetics; The pieces must be functional. Since then, she has not got rid of anything unused and she is now used to refurbish EVERYTHING!

Cécile has prepared a simple and easy DIY for all the LaCase.mu readers. Here is how to make a coat holder at home using litchi wood.

Materials needed:

  1. A wooden plank from a crate
  2. Litchi wood (4 or more branches)
  3. A drilling machine
  4. Screws (5 or more)
  5. A marker
  6. Sand paper
  7. Watercolour paint


  1. Start by sanding the wooden plank with sand paper to give it a nice finish.
  2. Cut the litchi woods according to the length that you need. Make a small movement towards the top while cutting them to give a shape that will hold tight the objects that you will hang.
  3. Take your marker and select the area for the hooks at the back of the plank. Be careful to evenly draw the space between the hooks.
  4. Drill your holes at the back and insert the screws while letting them out a little bit. Fix them and fasten your pieces of litchi woods.
  5. Paint your wood with water based paint, which is less polluting to the environment.
  6. Finish by fixing your coat holder to the wall by making a hole in the middle of your plank to insert a screw.

A small tip from Cécile to all LaCase.mu’s readers: Take your time to find objects around you that you can used and do not forget that you can create whatever you want. Nothing is out of reach !

Here you go, now it is your turn!