Broken while working, this table was abandoned in the garden. Our recovery experts repaired it for the lovely coming days.

● Metal Primer ● paint remover ● spray paint ● coat knife ● metal brush ● brush ● 1 wooden panel ● jigsaw ● bolts ● nuts and discs.


1. Before repainting the table’s feet, sand it coarsely with a metallic brush to remove the rust and blistering paint which is peeling off.2. Smear the stripper using a brush on all the surfaces to be painted. Make sure to protect your hands and face. Let the product act for one hour. Once the paint is softened by the stripper, scrape it with the coating knife.

2. Wait 24 hours before applying the primer. Let it dry for during 24 hours. Once to primer is dry, paint the foot in cast iron with a spray paint. Apply a second layer if needed.4. Using a jigsaw, cut the table runner in the required dimensions. Apply two layers of varnished protection on the wood. Mark the place of the screws and drill. Bolt the two parts.5. Use the marble of the old table to create massif dish mars which will protect your table from traces of hot dishes.

Source: Magazine Lacase No36
By | Bénédicte Banessy of “Les 2 Zèbres” Photographs | Jean-Noël Ah Kee
acknowledgment | Vaneron Garden Centers

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