It’s the time of the year when you are already eager to go gift shopping for loved ones. Don’t forget that a little  attention would make them feel special. Try to personalise your gift with different wrappings.

Here are some simple and creative ideas that you can try at home. These DIYs are fun to do with kids and family, and are also cost effective.

1. Recycled paper:

Use recycled brown paper and dress it up with festive tape to obtain alternating horizontal and vertical strips.
Materials: Brown paper, multicoloured tape.

2. Gold tipped paper feathers & newspaper wrapping:

Add a little glam to your gift wrapping and dip or paint paper feathers into gold paint. Cut out feather templates from a variety of papers and card, then paint them with the colour of your choice. Dip or paint the tips with gold paint or a gold marker.

3. Ribbons and Festive Tape:

Mix textures with a kaleidoscope of ribbons and even sweet to give the wrapping a tasty look. Then add festive tapes and the gift will be ready to be left under the Christmas tree.

4. Coastal gift wrapping:

For a more island lifestyle gift wrapping that blends with the Mauritian tropical environment, try this coastal wrapping. All you need are : Shells (collected or bought from local markets), twine and hessian fabric.
Our tip : It is better to avoid using real shells in a nature-friendly perspective and don’t forget that the wrapping is ephemeral.

5. Cut out templates:

Print and template, trace and cut out paper or card to obtain a variety of funny shapes : cats, penguins, whales… Glue cut-outs on wrap paper and finish with twine. 

6. Christmas deer:

Create deer silhouettes on paper, cut them out and glue them on your gift wrap. Don’t hesitate to be creative by overlapping shapes to give more texture to your gift box!

7. Baubles and twines:

Instead of getting rid of the baubles accumulated over years, use them to create jewelry-type decorations. Here, the more colours you have, the more the wrapping will be attractive and will give the person receving the gift an extra incentive to discover what is hidden.

8. Brown paper and natural wrapping:

Natural colours and real leaves and plants. Collect some leaves and stems in your garden, at the beach or in the forest and dry them. You make spray them with a coating layer if your wish.

Let your creativity run free and happy DIY!