All you need to create a pineapple string art is coloured yarn, needles, and some paint. And here you have your own sting art decoration that feels like summer and tropical fruits.


A canvas, green and yellow yarn, coloured needles, green, blue, yellow, and white paint, a sheet of paper.


  1. Paint a color gradient using blue, green and yellow on the canvas. It will be your background for your pineapple. Let it dry.
  2. Draw a pineapple on a sheet of paper. Cut the pineapple out. Then place it on the canvas.
  3. Prick needles around the pineapple and leave them, then remove the paper.
  4. Start with the leaves. Tie the yarn around one needle, then wrap the thread around each needle.
  5. Tie a nod around a needle when you are happy with the outcome. Repeat the same steps with the yellow yarn for the pineapple.

Your string art is ready!