On October 31st, witches, bats, ghosts and other monsters are out! The Anthony family at Bonne mere had fun creating amusing and terrifying decoration.

A wall of bats !
A flight of bats which line the wall of the house. Nothing easier to create. You just have to draw the shape of this mammal on black cardboard and cut it out. Migwell and his father Jean-Paul enjoyed creating dozens of bats to embellish the wall of the living room.

Marshmallows with Nutella
They look like little monster heads. They are white marshmallows white that Migwell and Matthias had fun decorating using a small spoon and Nutella. They drew eyes and mouths on them.
We love it!

Terrifying cups !
Plastic cups turned into little monsters. Here is what will entertain the children! To create them, Joelle and her son Matthias used a black marker and drew Frankenstein eyes, bloody mouths, scars, etc on the white cups. Easy and too funny!
Small tip: you can also paint orange cups, draw faces on them and slide LED candles inside during the evening.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 37
By | Kedvee GOINDEN Photographs | Ejilen RAMASAWMY

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