April’s fool are present on the 1st of April for big and little pranksters. CD, coins and buttons… the Sanashee family
created beautiful decorative ideas for this festive tradition.

Cozy with buttons!
A lovely creamy cushion gains a healthy glow decorated with a number of red and green buttons to create a colourful fish. Ingenious and very decorative!

Connect the mini-fishes
Fishing was good for Sanashee. At the end of a branch painted in white, they have hanged small fishes cut from a cardboard. Then they decorated them with small circles cut from coloured cardboard. Amazing!

Musical swim
An easy and recovery idea to do in no time with your little ones. Here, the fishes cut in cardboard paper are dressed with colourful scales. How to create them? Trace the shape of the fish on the cardboard paper. Cut the head, the tail and the flippers, then stick them to the four sides of a CD. For the scales, place a piece of paper on a coin and with a coloured pencil, paint the paper. You will see that the coin will magically appear on the paper. Make many of them.
Cut them and stick to the CD. And it is done!

Source: Magazine Lacase No39
By | Kedvee GOINDEN
Photos | Jean-Noël AH KEE
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