● Stainless steel coating knife
● small roller with long hairs
● trowel
● brush
● masking tapes
● paint: Carrare Nuage Marbré and Navajo Rouge Indien from Natura range.


1. Prepare the surface before starting. Make sure that the wall is clean and cover the cracks and other imperfections. Here, a design in mosaic shapes was drawn. The wall was painted on all the surface with black Mauvacryl. Then, delimited with masking tapes to create the mosaic.

2. Before applying a layer of Navajo Rouge Indien, apply red Granoprimer.

3.Apply two layers of Navajo Rouge Indien with a long hairs roller. To let it dry at least dry two hours between each layer (in the sun).

4.Apply the first layer of Carraré Nuage Marbré with the coating knife. Let dry for 1 hour and a half. Apply the second layer with tighter, more irregular and round movements to create a marbled effect. The paint is applied in thicker layers.

5.For the last layer of Carrare, apply it thinly.

6.Remove the masking tapes when the paint is still wet.

Source: Magazine Lacase No37