Follow the Christmas star! Cut a non-golden fabric and hand stitch with your sewing machine.

Stary table runner
Bought or sewed by you, this table runner decorated with a golden non-woven fabric will match with each other for a fantastic Christmas spirit.
Dimensions :
 180 x 60 cm

– 1,9 m of cotton fabric, remaining of decorative non-woven fabric (Trend), metallic wire, sewing machine, serger.

Cotton fabric of 188 x 68 cm cut your amount of stars.

1. Hem the perimeter of the table runner with the serger. Fold up the corner in diagonal in thumbnail. Tuck and iron the surplus.

Stitch on the area with a gap of about 4 cm.
2. Place the stars on the extremities of the table runner. Fix and then stitch with metallic wire.

Festive curtain
Discreet and rapidly created to enhance a festive atmosphere in golden white shades.

Dimensions: according to your own measurements

Fabric and materials
– Cotton fabric, non-woven golden decoration fabric (Trend), metallic wire, sewing machine.

Cut the fabric in the dimension of the window by counting 4 cm of surplus upwards and on the side, and 10 cm of surplus down. On the non-woven, add only the top surplus.
Cut the required amount of stars.

1. Hem the sides of the cotton curtain. Fold the upper borders and stitch the hook and loop fastener or a hemming tape.
2. Place the stars on the curtains. Fix then stitch with a metallic wire.

Advent calendar
24 small bags, a promise of joy and delight during the Advent while waiting for the Christmas gift on the Eve.
Dimensions: 50 x 150 cm

Fabrics and materials
– 1,2 m of cotton fabric, golden decorative non-woven fabric (Trend), white DIY felt, 24 buttons (Union Knopf), non-woven  quilted, metallic wire for golden overlock, sewing machine, serger.

2 elements of 150 x 50 cm in the cotton fabric, 1 x non-woven quilted fabric. Suspension tunnel of about 2 cm narrower and 3 cm of height. 8 circles with diameter of 32 cm in the DIY felt and the non-woven decorative fabric. Stars.

1. Adjust the machine on the 3 thread overlock seam (left needle) and thread the metallic wire in the upper looper. Cut the circles into four, place the non-woven decorative fabric on the felt and overlock on the rounded

sides. Place a quarter on the pocket. Shift the needle of the sewing machine to the right, adjust the tightness of the upper looper needle on about 0 and the lower looper about 9. Overlock the pocket by going downwards, do not slide the pocket to be sewed under the serger to 3 cm above the tip and sew by going down. Pull the thread loop backwards and sew in the direction of the upper edge of the pocket. Sew aloft about 3-4 cm up and sew 3 other cm at the back.
2. Slide the non-woven quilted fabric under the front element. Sew the suspension tunnel on the reverse side. Place the fabrics, area to area. Connect everything around by leaving an opening to turn. Top-stitch the sides on the area with the upper advancement for about 1, 5 cm of wide.
3. Sew the stars. Sew the buttons and hang the pockets.

Source: Supplement magazine Lacase No 38