Practical, beautiful, trendy… there are endless words to describe shelf especially one that we made ourselves. For a decorative touch to your interior design, follow this guide!

Shelf made of wooden crates
Ecological and trendy, these shelves are made of wooden crates fixed to the wall. In a natural way, with their light brown color and varying patterns, they are very practical for storing books and other decorative items.
A little advice, do not place a crate in the center space ventilation.

A shelf with drawers
Bring your drawers back to life. Nothing more beautiful than a freshly painted wooden drawer decorated with a sheet of color paper. Fixed to the wall, they make up a beautiful set of shelves perfect for small decorative items.

Cardboard shelf
Easy to build, these shelves are also ecological and original by their material and rounded shape. Like the alveoli of a hive, place them side by side other on the wall mixing size and colors. Store your small items but be careful to not store heavy objects. You may also choose to paint them: one, two or why not multi-color? Get out your paint brush!

Suspended shelf
Here, three plywoods are linked to another by a metal wire. Only these wires are fixed to the ceiling… Flower pots are also suspended by cutting holes into the plywood: an original and modern way of creating a vegetation wall.

Envoyez-nous vos astuces déco pour confectionner une étagère originale ou vos types d’étagères préférées qui vous inspirent!