A bathroom is a room where we love to spend time, to get ready, to do our makeup… But with all our accessories, we quickly run out of space. Here is a selection of the best DIYs that we found on the internet to decorate and tidy up the bathroom.

The ideas “why did I not thought of it earlier ?!”

When you will see these DIY ideas that are so useful, you will end up wondering why you did not thought of them earlier!

Magnetized wall

Very simple and practical: stick a magnet to your wall and hang all these daily objects that tend to disappear… hairpin, tweezers, nail-cutter… their place is now on the wall!

Wall basket

There is no more space on the floor and your walls are empty? Optimize your space by hanging baskets to the wall to store your things. It is lovely, practical and easy.

Towel shelf

Still aiming at gaining space, this small pouch created from a toilet towel is light, practical and will enable you to store your daily objects. To be hanged on a wall or behind the door and will need some stitching. More information here: Martha Stewart

The suspended jar

No more space on the shelves? Do not worry, there are still some space underneath. How? It is easy, you will need to do a small hole at the centre of the jar lid and nail it with a hammer on a plank. Fill in your jar and screw it. It holds!

Lovely ideas

A selection of DIY practical ideas but also very pretty to customised your bathroom.

Nail polish wall

You have too much nail polish and they are overcrowding your drawers? Why not take them out and align them along wall to create a beautiful and colourful canvas? It is lovely, practical but be careful… you might not be able to choose!

Chic jewellery rack

Make your jewellery stand out by putting them in a beautiful tea set placed in front of the mirror.
It is feminine and is different from the classical jewellery box.

My lovely tin cans

Brushes and combs, we have so many things to store in our bathroom. And it sometimes overflows. A lovely idea not too expensive to tiny everything up is to customized your tin cans. With some paint, a piece of string or lace, decorate your tins according to your taste and embellish your bathroom. An activity to be done with the family.

Glamorous mural lights

For a glamourous and feminine bathroom, think of softening the light. A bright idea? Surround your wall lights with a thread or pearl curtain. Make sure that it does not touch the bulb.

Crazy ideas

In our search of decorative ideas and storage tips for the bathroom, we fell on crazy ideas but so original and lovely that we thought of sharing with you.

Recycle your bicycle

You do not know what to do with your old bicycle in the garden? Give it another life by turning it into a bathroom furniture! Slide it under the washbasin and use the basket to store your folded towels. It is original, fun and it frees the space!

The unfolding toilet paper skateboard

Here is a DIY activity that you had never seen before to create with your children. Tell them to recycle their skateboard into a toilet paper unfolder.

The toothbrush holder toy

Still in the recycling world “recycling of your children’s toys”, take (with their permission) one of their toys and turn it into a toothbrush holder. Brushing the teeth will be more fun!

All these ideas inspired you? So, take your scissors, hammers and brushes to create a functional and original bathroom.

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