The trick
The point of Bourdon makes embroidery in relief. The technique is very simple since, depending on your tastes, you can start from left to right and vice versa. Start with straight stitches, then make very close perpendicular paths. We must not see the fabric between the points.

● 6 strands of pearl cotton thread
● 1 needle
● 1 embroidery loom
● Carbon paper

The realization
1. Center the image and reproduce the design on the fabric using a sheet of carbon paper.

2. Once the drawing is printed, place the embroidery loom where you want to start. Tighten the textile to the extreme and tighten the craft screw.

3. Take two strands of embroidery thread, pass them through the eye of a needle and make a knot at one end. Start embroidering from the bottom up. By reproducing the point of Bourdon, filling the contours of drawing from right to left or vice versa. Move the craft as you go, not forgetting to tender every time.

4. If desired, vary the stitches, as here with the chain stitch: sew the needle where it came out, tighten until it forms a small loop, thread the thread inside and tighten. Repeat the operation following the path.

5. To end with a breakpoint, make three dots on each other, then one last, passing the needle through the loop to form a knot by squeezing. Unscrew the craft.