Christmas tree, garlands, gifts, Santa Claus, preparations, effervescence: Christmas is magical to all of us. Christmas is a great opportunity to share a good time with your children. Why not make DIY Christmas decorations? Your children will be delighted…

We have lots of good ideas for crafts and manual activities for an original and festive Christmas decor. All the materials become magical during this festive season!

Our advice: Before you begin with your decorations, take the time to explain the various activities to your children.

A Christmas tree garland

  • Cut a triangle from a thick cardboard. Then, show your child how to draw the outlines of the triangle on coloured papers. To make the task easy, slightly glue the cardboard triangle to prevent it from moving too much while drawing the outline.
  • Meanwhile, cut strips of 1.5 cm thickness that will serve as trunks for the trees. Create stars using a star-shaped punch. Glue them on the triangle. Add the strips. Drill a hole at the top of the tree and slide the string making sure to tie a knot to each Christmas tree.

Your tree garland is already ready. You just have to hang it on the Christmas tree.

If you are not a fan of DIYs, let you be charmed by these light garland stars available at Mr Bricolage. They will bring a festive touch to your home.

A natural star

  • To realise a natural star, collect six branches of equal sizes. Help your child to form two triangles with the branches. Assemble the ends with a string. Then, gather the triangles to form a star using string.
  • Your child will enjoy rolling some leaves and small white flowers around the branches by hanging them with small florist stems or by braiding them.

How about hanging this beautiful natural star on a naturally chic Christmas tree?

An illuminated branch

Have you ever thought of placing a branch in a pot or hang it over a beautiful Christmas table to create a festive mood? A dry branch will do, provided it is embellished by candles, ornaments and a light garland.

To embellish this illuminated branch, surf on the current trend at Espace Maison, the Pure & Warm collection of warm colours, such as the marsala Christmas balls.

A souvenir Christmas tree

Show off your old family photos on a wooden tree as shown in the picture below.

A nice idea, is it not?


  • Cut out a triangle in a wood.
  • Place zigzag golden pins along the edges.
  • Tie a string following the pins.
  • Insert your pictures and other Christmas souvenirs.

The creation of family Christmas decoration is not only a pleasant moment, but it also allows you to save money. In addition, between creativity, joy, sharing and excitement, children will certainly enjoy participating in the preparations; a memorable Christmas!