Invite fortune in your house! The dragon, symbolizing luck and reminding the emperor in China, forms part of the decor. With a modern interpretation of the East combined with simple lines and embellished by sumptuous motifs.

Nothing is easier than embroidering a straight fabric. These lamp-shades combine an exotic and warm atmosphere. The lamp’s surrounding is bought in hardware stores.

20 cm diameter, 30 cm and approximately 38 cm height

● 1 ring with cross stems for lamps of 20 cm diameter
● 1 ring diameter 20 cm
● 0,4-0,5 m of each fabric
● 1 m of rope or satin ribbon
● textile glue
● decorative ribbons
● embroidery accessories
● embroidery motifs.

Cut a tunnel of 63.5 X 2 cm for the lamp-shade wrinkled at the bottom.

1. Choose an embroidery motif and stitch it as many times as you wish to obtain the desired length of around 64 cm.

2. Cut the embroidered fabric of around 63.5 cm 34/42 cm along with the surplus. Strengthen the higher edge (and the lower edge of the straight lamp-shade) of about 4 cm of Vlieseline to avoid than the glue overflows on the side. Form a ring with the lamp-shade.

3. Cut a tunnel of about 31-32 cm under the higher edge of the wrinkled lamp-shade. Thread the ribbon. Hem and sew the decorative ribbon under the hem.

4. Thread the higher ring in the lamp-shade, fix and check the width. Make a sticking test on a remaining fabric and fold/stick the surpluses towards the interior. Thread the lower ring and slide the rope or, for the straight lamp-shade, also fold the surpluses towards the interior and stick.

Make your most insane dreams of embroidery come true. Sumptuous and powerful, this dragon embellishes this table with its magnificence.

Dimensions: 75 X 56 cm

Fabrics and supplies
● 0.2 m cotton fabric lilac, orange and terra cotta
● 0.3 m of yellow cotton fabric
● 0.6 m of fabric for the underside
● non-woven quilt
● embroidery accessories and embroidery software.

75 X 56 cm of non-woven fabric and fabric for the underside, suspension tunnel of 54 X 4 cm.

1. Choose the boarder motif of the machine and increase it by 150% in the software. Embroider three times the motif on the fabric in the shades of terra cotta and orange. Cut the fabric by 15 X 57.5 cm.

2. Enlarge the dragon by 200% in the software. Change the satin point into special satin point to reduce the connected wired. Modify the contour points of the belly and the legs in the stem point and match the colours. Tighten the yellow fabric and stitch the dragon. Cut the fabric of 26 X 40 cm.

3. Embroider the lilac fabric with decorative points. Cut the fabric by 41 X 17.5 cm.

4. Assemble and sew the fabric by following the drawing directives. Slide the non-woven quilt under the front element. Sew the suspension tunnel on the underside and topstitch. Place the fabrics side to side. Connect the surrounding by leaving an opening for it to turn. Topstitch the dividing seams on the area with the upper advancement.

Decorative candle jars
Small objects for bigger effects. Dress those candle jars with decorative ribbons.

● Candle jars bought in various colours
● Sticker decorative ribbons and Paisley brackets on sale in the haberdasheries.

1. Stick the decorative ribbons on the candle jars.

2. Stick Paisley brackets on your plate to prevent the candle jars from sliding.


Source: Magazine Lacase No 38
With Haujee & Sons