In this era where recycling reigns and where DIYs are so famous, the traditional Christmas tree becomes somewhat less popular. Although most of us prefer to stay traditional with our big green tree, others prefer trends to go 100% eco-friendly. has a series of DIY ideas to realise your unique Christmas tree.

The mighty pallets

This is the trend that has been on during the recent years, and it does not go out of style. Pallets are recycled objects that you can use not only for tables and chairs but also to build a unique tree. You can then decorate it with your family and use garlands and lights. Wine shops often sell pallets. You can find one and make a good deal!

A tree made of photos

As Christmas is all about family quality time, this tree will be a retrospection of key moments that you have immortalised in photos. For Instagrammers, imagine a tree in your bedroom or living room with your favourite photos using a great filter. We love it too!


The art of macrame is one of the latest trends in 2018. This art that was sent into oblivion has made its comeback this year and why not adapt it to your tree? For those who want to buy one, you can order the already-made in the shape you want.


The wooden tree

Very much present on this year’s Christmas markets, wooden trees are unassailable. In sets of small fir trees on a low table, very chic and modern, decorated with candles and flowers, or on the dinner table, these wooden firs will brighten your holiday season. Where to get one? Practically all decor stores and craftsmen on the Christmas market have them.

And why not suspend your tree?

Economic and refined, the hanging tree is what to try if your interior is chic with a rustic side. All you need are twigs and twine or coconut rope to make this tree.

Grab your scissors and glue, this year your tree will be trendy and eco-friendly!