Getting old is often gold. Especially if we’re referring to wooden furniture. If you wish to bring this oh-so-trendy touch to your decor, especially during this confinement time, here is a little piece of advice to give your furniture that beautiful patina, all by yourself.

Fan of the shabby chic esthetic? Objects with an aged, sometimes even antique look are the key to ace such a decor… And what’s trendier than furniture with a patina to get the job done? This worn look which brings out the wood’s texture and veins is perfect to imitate time’s work, and can suit all tastes.  

If we all know the signature look of a beautiful patina, several techniques can be used to reach this result. The simplest technique, suitable to anyone, irrespective of the arts and crafts level? There it is.


  • An abrasive product to strip your furniture from products and residue, or a sander

  • Sand paper

  • Paint brushes

  • Primer

  • Your pick of paint (preferably acrylic or water-based)


  • Strip your furniture bare of any product which covers it (wax, varnish or paint) by sanding it, or with the help of abrasive products.

  • Apply a coat of primer suited to the chosen material, and let it dry.

  • Apply a coat of the chosen paint, and let it dry.

  • Delicately sand your furniture until you obtain the desired level of patina.

  • You can leave the object as it is, if you wish a natural patina to continue with time.

  • If you, however, wish your work to remain intact, you can top it with a light coat of transparent, matte wax.


Once the wood is totally bare, test the paint on a section of the object to have a realistic preview of the dried-down product.