We no longer need to introduce you to the famous essayist, Marie Kondo, and her storage philosophy. The idea is simple: get rid of trivialities and keep only what is necessary. Let’s start this new year with good resolutions (yes, “this year will be the one”). Among them: a tidy desk.

Are you tired of all these papers lying around, these capless pens, this bazaar that keeps piling up? We have found the best ideas to better organise your work corner and allow you to be more efficient!

The “pegboard” or customisable wall organiser

Thanks to the pegboard, forget about forgetting! You can hang your calendars, block holders, scissors, notebooks, clock, and anything else you need, wherever you want. All you need is a pegboard, hooks, wood screws and a drill. That’s it!

Drawer storage

Productivity implies tidy drawers! Keep your shoe or other cardboard boxes to help you organise your drawers. You can put your papers, kits, rubber bands, clips, pens, staples, in fact, all your equipment. Store them as you want without worrying that the mess will build up. You can also personalise your storage boxes by sticking beautiful printable papers on them, or by recycling the beautiful gift packagings that you received for the holiday season.

Office organiser

Last little tip: the desktop organiser. A small superimposed wooden board, on which you can place your phone, your cup of coffee, a small notepad, your favourite pen and your keys: a must-have!

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