The first rays of sunshine are slowly emerging… Time to prepare for the longed-for summer season of 2021! As we change our wardrobe, so should our home and garden. This summer’s landscaping project: a trendy swimming pool that reflects your lifestyle!

Black bottom pool

Luxury lies in sobriety. Black liners will lend elegance and contrast to your pool. This style will also create beautiful shiny reflections and offer a striking aesthetic. This pool is designed for those looking for originality and not hesitant to break the traditional pool codes.

Infinity pool

Real success of 2021, the infinity pool is to be enjoyed with a view of the sea. Free of any walls to obstruct the view, this pool is sophisticated and takes its inspiration from luxury hotels. Thanks to the infinity pool, you can enjoy a swim between aesthetics and finesse. To accentuate its design, opt for a concrete construction and a light grey background for a beautiful mirror effect.

Clear-sided pools

Whether above ground or partially inground, a pool with transparent side panels is the must-have for this summer. It offers a beautiful perspective. Dare to decorate your garden with a pool that is as sublime as it is exciting.


Always a right choice. The mini-pool is suitable for all budgets and remains useful in every way. When looking for a place to relax and cool off, the mini-pool is a great alternative. Its benefit is without any doubt its suitability for any garden.

The Lap Pool

Unable to go out for a jog given the heat… No worries. You can burn calories in your pool. The lap pool will help you to swim lengths and chill out whenever you want, no matter the time. Remember, if choosing a lap pool, its length should be at least three times as long as its width.

Natural swimming pool

Ecological and organic, the natural swimming pool is increasingly popular in Mauritius. As a nature lover, you can dive in surrounded by water lilies and dragonflies! With no chemical treatment, the water in your organic pool is pure and respects your skin. It will perfectly blend in with your garden decor!

If these pools sound like a dream of yours, make the big leap! Be inspired by our selection to create your very own ideal pool…