One bedroom to rest, a haven in which one can recharge. What if, after a long day, a presidential suite was awaiting you… At home?

Whether you’re contemplating an upcoming bedroom, or simply want to re-decorate, here are  6 tips that will transform your regular bedroom, by giving it the dreamy 5-star grade of your favourite hotels.

1. Royal bedding

They are not called King or Queen size idly: an XXL bed is the focal point of any respectable suite for optimal comfort.

Of course, mattresses cannot be neglected; it must be as firm as possible, to back you up perfectly.

2. Impeccable linens

It is THE stamp of excellence which gives or takes a star to a hotel. Quality bedding linens make a huge difference; as much in the satisfaction of choosing it as when it lands on your bed.

Let’s not forget the curtains, which are often the finishing touch to a room: always in a dense fabric and harmonised with the dominating colours.

3. Controlled lighting 

Whether avant-garde or baroque, lighting is the occasion to mix and match decorative elements as much as you like. It goes without saying that it includes, as in any hotel room, bedside table lamps.

One should also bear in mind natural lighting: this is where curtains come into play. More than a simple decoration, they are indispensable for sleeping in late.

4. Less-is-more decoration

If this is a general rule in terms of colours and decorative objects, “less” really just sticks to these elements. Indeed, the more throw pillows, the more regal the suite will look.

In that case, the room’s personality mainly shines through design furniture and other functional decorative elements.

5. So suite touches

Paintings or sculptures will add refinement to the decor and charisma to the room.

Flowers, to bring life (not to mention perfume) to the room.

6. Maximised space 

It generally comes in at the conception of the room itself: a bathroom or even a dressing room can then be integrated to the space.

If you lack space for such alterations, you can still compensate with multifunctional furniture such as pivoting TV screens or retractable desks.