Mother Nature is soothing. To feel zen in all circumstances, encourage nature to sneak into your decor. Every room in your home deserves a touch of greenery for a trendy and soothing atmosphere.

Floral wall

The leading decor specialists love this trend. The botanical wall is the most attractive craze for its aesthetic appeal and freshness. It adds style to your room, and you will also feel the benefit of an atmosphere that is free of negativity. Combine different plants and design your floral wall to fit your desires and your space.

Hanging plants

Ivy, spider plant or fern… all are made to hang perfectly. A true boho inspiration, macramé hangers are the most modern and popular. They contribute to a peaceful and warm ambience. These hanging plants are the perfect addition to any home. The best way to highlight the greenery of your plants is to hang them in a pot made of wood, concrete, ceramic or fibreglass. For outdoor use, choose plastic pots that are weather-resistant.

Indoor vegetable garden

Would you like to cultivate indoors? An indoor vegetable garden is an ecosystem consisting of a water-filled container into which seed capsules are inserted. Simple to design and use, it allows you to harvest throughout the year without worrying. The must-have: herbs, which require very little maintenance. Indoor planting is a breeze. You can enjoy growing your plants and using them in your kitchen. Cultivating with love results in exquisitely flavoured dishes.

Patterns and colours

Nature blends in perfectly with your decor. To enhance your natural plants, combine them with an attractive interior design. Conceive a real living experience around your plants. From exotic colours on curtains, floral patterns on cushions or even pictures projecting beautiful green landscapes… Interior decoration is limitless and can be tailored to your moods for the ultimate relaxation.