As winter draws in, the urge to go out and brave the frigid weather may soon fade away. To bring comfort and warmth to your home, in order to fully enjoy a cosy nest, here are our tips…

Dress up for winter

Cushions and plaids are out! The thicker, the better! Accessorise your sofa or bed with soft cushions and blankets, varying colours and patterns to suit your interior design. This winter, opt for coloured linen or graphic fabrics. You can also use patterns that remind you of the summer season to express your imagination. Snuggly cushions and plaids in your cocoon will instantly warm you up.

Lighting up the room

Never let the gloom seep into your home. Though it may be cold, a lighted house is always warmer. No major investment is required. Simply swap a few bulbs that emit white light for ones with softer colours. Candles are a must if you want to create a cosy atmosphere! Embellish every corner of your home with candles of different sizes and scents. The living room can be filled with vanilla, the bathroom with lavender and the bedroom with a delicious mix of musk and amber… You’ll be charmed and will easily forget the gloomy winter air.

Feeling warm

We all know that floors radiate coolness. To keep you warm and to dress up your home, use a nice floor mat to warm your feet. Soft and fluffy, these rugs will create a truly warm atmosphere. There are plenty of choices available and of course they vary according to your taste. Our trendy tip: large rugs in synthetic fur or in soft colours such as terracotta, khaki, aubergine or even blue.

For a cosy interior this winter, no need for extensive renovations and investments… Just a few splashes of colour, light and accessories, and you will feel the scent of summer again.