Bored of your dull and old deco? Be inspired by those bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and study rooms designed by our professionals.

1. Colourful basement

A basement is not always cold and gloomy. A young couple has turned this basement into a cosy room. The partitions walls have been removed to give room to lively colours. The apple green of the bedroom merges perfectly with the red of the kitchen, practical and stylish, for a colourful open space. In this revamped basement, the floor is also made of wood, as well as some furniture.

2. Resting corner

Gloomy and cold, this makeover by interior designer Tanya Lennon, now displays modern light and bright shades. The white walls and the white shelves illuminate the room and serve as contrasts for the Bedouin beige on the two wall sections, the decorative accessories and the white carpet.

We love the designer’s hanging antique lampshade made of wires and birds.

3. Warm up the bedroom

The floor, the bed, the bed sheet, the armchair, and all the other essential objects were there in this bedroom. But it is small details that warm up a cold room. The artist, Agnès Pitot, has chosen taupe, anise green, chocolate and turquoise shades to warm up the atmosphere. Floral handmade prints embellish the bed headboard. Small additional items like turquoise and chocolate candle jars, curtains, a duvet, a cushion and an armchair, all in turquoise shades, a beautiful mosaic wooden cross, a white or turquoise silvery bloated vase in which is planted a coconut fibre broom embelished by chains and glitter.

4. Spotless kitchen

Outdated lifestyle, flaking paint… Interior Designer, Laura de la Haye, brought this house back to life. Her aim: modernise this room and insert storage areas. She opted for glossy white for its contemporary look and its illusion of space. To enhance the white, stainless steel objects are added like silver plates on the table, silver cupboard handles or silver venetian blinds at the window. And to avoid the lab-like appearance: a natural wood coloured floor, paintings, cushions and other colourful deco accessories are added.

Another challenge faced by the interior designer is to insert a dining room inside the kitchen. Furniture with built-in benches, a table and a chair (already found in the house which have been painted in white and the cushions covered by a camel coloured fabric) are installed in the room. All the electrical household appliances have been inserted in the cupboards to give the kitchen a modern and elegant look.

5. Relaxing TV Room

The laundry room and the TV room have been redesigned into a relaxing space for the family. Chosen colours are camel, brown, grey; white and turquoise for a cosy and warm atmosphere. The floor is laminated with a nice rattan carpet. The main part of the living room: a tailor-made L shape couch embellished by colourful cushions. We love the assemblage of circular mirrors and the family sepia pictures hanged on the wall. Other pictures of landscapes of Mauritius in sepia have been added on the upper section of the wall behind the couch to give another visual dimension to the room.

6. Freshness!

Forget the old and messy colours! Make room for a colourful, tidy, cosy and modern room with interior designers Amélia d’Unienville and Caroline Mamet from MyB décoration.

“We have chosen lively colours in different shades of blue, yellow, orange to cheer and brighten up the room and to stick to the chosen themes: surf, beach, sun, waves, and sea.”

Amélie and Caroline also upgraded the room and added extra drawers so that the adolescent can enjoy a well-ventilated and tidy room. “Considering that the room is rather small, we have opted for a mezzanine bed. This has enabled us to create a lounge and a study area as well as murals decorations.” The decoration: a luminous LED designed cube, which can serve as a puff or a side table, old patinated wooden planks with names of popular “spots” for surf lovers.

7. The circus is here

The room appears to be suffocating due to the excessive use of blue on the walls. White, blue, red and yellow are the colour combination that reminds us of a magical circus with its clowns, trapeze artists, magicians, illusionists and above all, its string of animals. This is the kind of world that Amelie d’Unienville and Caroline Mamet, from MyB decoration, want to depict.

To expand the room, the designers have shifted the bed which was in the middle of the room and placed it right next to the wall so that the child can enjoy a larger space. The cushions, the puff and the curtains are obviously in circus shades. The designers have stitched white stripes to the red curtains to symbolize the circus tent. The bright floor warms up to the room. The transparent Victoria Ghost chair merges perfectly with the white background and furniture. We love the pennants that embellish the walls along with the animals cut in wood.

8. Colourful and designed kitchen

“Although being brand new, the kitchen does not appeal to the inhabitants who prefer modern and retro décor and bright colours”, says Laura De La Haye, interior architecture. She thus opted for a modern kitchen from Schmidt. The kitchen was next to the dining room, separated by a wall. The wall has been omitted to create an open space that leads to the living room and the dining room. The kitchen island lolling around in the kitchen has been replaced by a bar and a cooking zone with induction cooking electrical plates as well as a stylish hanging hood.

Beside the electrical plates, the two ovens, which were on the back wall, have been shifted to the one at the right and placed in an elevated modern cupboard. Apple green has been chosen for the walls and the ceiling, as the owner loves it. The cupboards, manufactured from dark brown timber, contrast perfectly with the white laminated and slightly textured kitchen surface counter. The squared stainless steel handles of the drawers contribute to the unique design of the kitchen. Lastly, the brush-metal venetian blinds suit perfectly with the stainless steel electrical household appliances.

9. Black and yellow office

9. Black and yellow office

Dark grey and yellow match each other in this office furnished by Interior Designer, Laura De La Haye. Everybody loves the yellow accents on the white furniture and the black and white paintings of New York with a touch of yellow that unifies everything together. Another decorative idea is to create a shelf and place many pictures of different frames dimensions and shades. We should not forget the two black light suspensions used instead of a classical desk lamp. To complete the décor, a carpet with circular designs and a modern rounded standing lamp are added.

10. Elegant and cosy

In this room, Interior Designer, Laura De La Haye wanted a cosy and feminine atmosphere. She chose a white bed as well as white bed sheets. She merged the blue of the living room with pink. Cushions and pillows of different sizes are placed on the bed, as well as a natural landscape painting in warm shades. The painting is enhanced by the dark grey wall. The wall wonderfully contrasts itself with the bed, the bedside tables (designed by De la Haye Interiors) and the white bed sheets.

A big grey shaggy carpet, tailor-made by Ideco, brings a homely touch to the bedroom. An artificial ceiling gives soft light to the room. As additional decoration, wooden discs from Sensoria Home are placed on the wall.

11. Between design and simplicity

Classy and contemporary, this kitchen which opens off the living room has been altered by Laura De la Haye. A kitchen island ringed by four bar chairs (three in the front and one at the back for the one cooking), is placed at the centre of the kitchen. This table is ideal for family breakfast. In order not to cram the kitchen, the cooking area – the gas hob and the hood, as well as the upper furniture containing the oven and the microwave – and the sink with a dishwasher underneath have been installed on the back wall. In so doing, the space is fully upgraded. Some feet away, at the left, a big cabinet, opposite to a big window, contains the American fridge. Next to it is a cupboard to store supplies.

For the colours, the Interior Designer chose two shades of grey, a dark and a light one, for a modern touch. The white laminated and textured wooden surface contrasts with the grey. Its stainless steel edges merge wonderfully with the electrical household appliances. For a much brighter atmosphere, two artificial ceilings with integrated spots and built-in neon light for a direct lightning have been inserted.

12. Now the living room

A grey couch embellished by stylish and colourful cosy cushions. “I chose neutral colours for the wall, a bright grey to enhance the different items of the room”, says Laura De La Haye. Next to the couch there is an ottoman for a cosy and welcoming environment.

A white furnished television designed by De la Haye Interiors. On top, two glass shelves with integrated lights to enhance two silvery pots.

We love the turquoise spread in the cushions, canvases and other decorative accessories which warm up the atmosphere as well as the combination of the antique and the new. For example, this black and white photo-montage with a vintage look in front of the mirror, found above the bar. Or this retro telephone and this big modern lamp slightly arched and a black lampshade for a comfortable vibe.

Written By
Marie Gouges