It is the retro look by essence: ceramics and mosaics are jostling to make it as the cover of your floors, walls, ceilings and working surfaces. Here’s some inspiration for you.

More than just a wave; it’s a fashion tsunami. The seventies are drowning creative and artistic platforms in their odd yet harmonious aesthetics, whilst giving off a sense of excess, bringing back two leading trends of interior design: ceramic and mosaic.



In terracotta colours, or painted with arabesques or psychedelic patterns, ceramic tiles as well as dinnerware are always a great pick, whether to neutralize the decor, or bring a touch of fantasy to it.

Classic tiles

The title says it all, it is a must in all Mauritian homes. Whether in neutral tones, or bright colors, for the bathroom or the dining room; ceramic tiles never get old.

Eclectic patterns

They are any kitchen’s best friend. Ceramic tiles with intricate patterns are the best to dress up any walls surrounding counters and stoves for a traditional look while spicing up the decor.

Fantastic accessories

For an out-of-the ordinary dinnerware, it is adorned with various prints and motives such as dots, or sometimes even hand-painted detailing. Having an original ceramic set is, first and foremost, a way to impress your guests at every meal.


Although it was restricted to spas and other relaxation areas for a while, mosaics are taking over various grounds. Offering a  myriad of possibilities between styles, shapes and materials, all you need is to choose!

Nostalgic accessories

Gage of craftsmanship and a millenary tradition, vases, pots and other decorative objects using this technique will make a statement and set the tone in any room of the house.

Monochromatic and smooth

The signature esthetic one can hardly get tired of. Familiar to bathrooms, and other relaxation areas, mosaic using tiny glass or ceramic tiles in a uniform shade, or monochromatic ombrés are still a must.

Artistic and expressive

In full-scale, to dress up gardens and outside walls. Mosaics are also an artistic mode of expression. It allows to form patterns and life scenes, transcending a purely utilitarian surface into a work of art.

Here are some products to help to get your retro-chic decor: