Lovely, refreshing and nutritious … these frozen lollipops have to be tasted this summer. Two Chefs have shared the recipe: Sandy Scioli, Corporate Pastry Chef at Sun Resorts, and Stephane Baptiste, Sugar Beach Pastry Chef.

The recipe: Pina colada and hibiscus popsicles with chia seeds and cereals

Ingredients (for 12 popsicles)
2 whole pineapple • 1 can of sugar-free coconut milk • 120 g of sugar • 2 vanilla pods • 20 g of dehydrated hibiscus flowers • 500 g of water • 100 g of sugar • chia seeds • lemon zest.

Peel the pineapple and place it into the juicer, then bring to heat. Add half of the sugar and vanilla, then add the lemon zest. Put the mix in the fridge. Mix the coconut milk with the remaining sugar and let it cool down. Add the chia seeds. Boil the water and add the hibiscus flowers and let brew for 20 minutes. Reduce the preparation by half. Leave it to cool down.
For the lollipops: first add the pineapple juice in the lollipop moulds, then the coconut milk and finally the hibiscus juice. Marble lightly and place in the freezer for a day. Then, take out and decorate with white chocolate, cereals and chia seeds.

Source: Magazine Lacase No56

By Kedvee Goinden
Photos – Kevin Memraj Mahadoo
Decorated by Jovanna Sham, fleuriste.