Being on lockdown does not need to be boring… While reading is a great way of keeping your mind off some unpleasant things, you can jazz up the experience by transforming some rooms of the house into even more comfortable ones! Play around with some materials you already have at hand and set up a cosy corner as per your preferences.

Here are our best ideas for your personalised reading corners, whereby you can enjoy a good book, watch funny videos, write your memoirs, or just keep up with the news.

Make your baby dream

Why not set up a small reading corner in your child’s room? You may enhance the warm and relaxing atmosphere with the help of soft lights, stuffed animals, cushions and his/her favourite toys.

Coin lecture bebe 1 special confinement
Coin lecture bebe 2 special confinement

A teepee for indoor adventures

A mosquito net, a sheet or curtains… Let your imagination flow and create a cosy little teepee. With celestial tones and accessories (such as stars, moon or astronaut figurines), bedeck the tent as a reminder of the Milky Way. You may opt for a pink and super girly teepee as well, using a lot of flowers, dolls or photos of her favourite characters.

Coin lecture enfant tipi 5 special confinement
Coin lecture enfant tipi 3 special confinement

You don’t have a teepee? Don’t worry! It is very easy to make, using a few pieces of wood or bamboo, twine or rope, and some fabric you have at home.

Coin lecture enfant tipi 4 special confinement
Coin lecture enfant tipi 6 special confinement

A little ray of sunshine in your life

The confinement can be depressing at times… Fortunately, you can recharge your batteries with natural light! Set up your reading corner under or near a window, and you shall brighten up your days with some vitamin D. 

Coin lecture fenetre 1 special confinement
Coin lecture fenetre 2 special confinement

Indoor bucolic surroundings…

In a corner, far from the back and forth movements of the house, bring your favourite plants and flowers, add some cushions and throws, and create an intimate and peaceful space.

Coin lecture nature 2 special confinement
Coin lecture nature 1 special confinement

Adding some peps

Colours… Aren’t they the best allies to boost your concentration? A side table and a lamp, along with a flashy armchair, shall revive an entire room, turning it into a perfect cocooning zone. You may wish to bring back your colourful carpets, ethnic objects, oriental lamps… All types of accessories can spruce up this reading corner.
Coin lecture puncy couleur 1 special confinement
Coin lecture punchy couleur 2 special confinement

Revamping the living room

Have you ever thought of altering your living room? Revamp this convivial space where the family can gather. Indeed, with the help of a mat, demarcate the space of your reading corner. Then, above all, cushions galore! With your favourite books on the floor, everyone can lie down and enjoy a good read. Illuminate the space, with lamps, or even garlands and candles. You can choose to have an armchair and a lamp next to it, for an even more comfortable reading corner.

Coin lecture coussins 2 special confinement
Coin lecture coussins 4 special confinement

A cosy library

Give your office or library a more relaxed look with pouffes, mattresses, futons and other accessories.

Coin lecture bibliotheque 1 special confinement
Coin lecture bibliotheque 2 special confinement

And the balcony revives

A terrace or a balcony can be a breath of fresh air during these confinement times. On a hanging chair surrounded by plants, with birds chiming or the starry sky, enjoy the pleasures of being outside while respecting the confinement measures.
Coin lecture balcon 2 special confinement
Coin lecture balcon 1 special confinement

It’s up to you now and you can be as inventive as you want. Build your little bubble filled with fictional or historical characters for optimised reading.

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