The hallway: a space which rhymes with “decorative impasse” far too often. But a change of perspective is enough to realise the countless opportunities this often narrow passage has to offer.  

As in many other cases, its weakness is actually its strongest suit. Simply acknowledging its narrowness and filling it with elements which compliment this main attribute will turn it into a well-thought space, and a functional, aesthetic gem. Here are 6 ideas that can transform yours into a cool-corridor.

1. Waiting space

Give it a comfy sofa which has style, and what do you obtain? The anteroom of potential conversations. Decorative options are therefrom multiple: keeping a pristine look, or spicing it up with decorative objects.

2. Recreative space 

Literature amateurs in restricted spaces, why not use it to integrate your own library? The shelves filled with your favourite books will already do most of the decorative work for you. Throw in a cute armchair and you will have your own calm reading spot.

3. Artistic space 

To give the eyes some candy, art amateurs can choose various themes, perhaps even mixing them: paintings, photographs, sculptures, masks and other collectible objects, all put forward by savvy lighting.

4. Storage space 

Use its whole length to incorporate storage furniture: from shoe racks to a tiny cloak closet, you will maximise its room for sure! The extra mile? Choose the furniture colour so that it seamlessly blends into the decor, and surround it with accessories to distract the eye from its practical aspect.

5. Bigger space 

Play with colours, lighting, and, most of all, long mirrors to create an optical illusion which will make your space look augmented. Don’t forget that a wisely chosen wallpaper that is used in parsimony is your friend.

6. Green space

Adorned with ferns, plants and other succulents, you can also turn it into a simple, yet efficient lobby.

Whether you opt for one of these ideas, or even mix them, the only limit to the possibilities your corridor offers is your imagination. Free it, and witness what it can accomplish.