Coffee tables and side tables are fundamental must-haves for your living room… These little pieces of furniture will set the scene for a harmonious ambiance and can make the room pop! Wondering what style to choose from? Here are the best advice of to  brighten up the room.

A rustic atmosphere

Are you a vintage-deco enthusiast? Opt for either wooden furnitures to warm up the room, highlighting a rustic atmosphere, or favour wrought iron for a sleek effect. Adding metallic tables as well can spruce up the room while hinting an austere look. Your tables will easily blend with neutral tones to affirm and warm up your living room.

Rather ethnic chic?

As for the ethnic-chic decorative trend, it is being widely spread across many Mauritian households nowadays. Sometimes, it favours warm colours as a reminder of the earth or printed motifs inspired by the Aztec culture. Elsewise, it sheds light upon artisanal elements, inspired by the know-how of our ancestors, accentuating exotic horizons such as oriental countries. Get ready for a quick trip!

Less is more

And why not stay sober? Adopt a minimalistic approach and nurture decorative ideas where less is more. Classic or contemporary, this style calls for simplicity and lightness. For instance, coffee tables and side tables made of glass, will match perfectly with your sleek and functional living-room. Colours such as white, black or grey are predominant in this style,  giving way to more light and making the space less bulky.