Undoubtedly, the bathroom is one of the most important – and most used – spaces in a household and therefore require daily maintenance. 

Despite our utmost efforts to keep it clean, water marks and limescale stains still persist. Nevertheless, do not give up! These tricks will greatly improve the comfort of your bathroom.

Lemon and vinegar

Limescale deposits are to be expected in places where water is routinely used. They are most commonly found on taps and showerheads. Getting rid of them does not require the use of chemicals. Spray your taps and shower head with lemon juice and leave to work for a few minutes before rinsing.

Unscrew your shower head from its holder and soak it in a container filled with white vinegar. Leave it overnight before thoroughly rinsing it.

Unpleasant odours

White vinegar is also effective at removing malodours from a variety of drains, including those in the bathtub, shower, sink and sometimes the toilet. Pour this miracle product into all the pipes and leave it to work.

Dishwashing liquid

For clean tiles, mix a little dishwashing liquid with hot water in a spray bottle. Apply it to the wall or floor tiles and leave for two or three hours. Scrub the surface with a sponge and rinse.

Baking soda

Remove black mould marks from tile joints with water mixed with baking soda. Scrub the blackened joints with this mixture using a toothbrush and leave for an hour. Then rinse. To restore the whiteness of the joints after cleaning, use a cotton swab soaked in half a lemon with coarse salt.