Do not let the current health crisis mar your fun during these festive moments.  Get busy embellishing your home to welcome Santa Claus and the New Year… Give full vent to your creative and crafty instincts. offers you some easy DIY tips to work out your imagination and skills.

Greetings at your fingertips

This year, dump those virtual wishes you used to send through your mobile phone. Instead, opt for crafty handmade personalised cards, like in the good old days. To make some simple cards, you shall only need some Bristol paper, a pair of scissors and felt pens or crayons. The rest is child’s play. You just need to let loose your imagination.

On the cover of the card, you may draw a Christmas tree, some mistletoe leaves or any other related designs. Now colour in with the crayons.

My twinkle twinkle little Christmas tree

In addition to greeting cards, you can also make some macramé for a rustic Christmas tree decoration. You will need a wooden ball, 2mm macramé thread and scissors.
Those looking for originality will love the idea of making their own Christmas trees by using materials like wood, bamboo, wire, PVC pipe, cardboard, etc. Whatever material to be used, should be cut in a pyramid shape and in a well-spaced saw-tooth pattern according to suit the desired size.

A Green Christmas

Decorate your home with those lovely easily available pinecones to give it a forest look. Collect the pinecones, soak them in two litres of bleach and one litre of fresh water for 48 hours. Let them dry completely, after which they will take on a full bloom.

Liberally apply gold or silver spray paint if you have some. You can use these naturally beautiful ornaments, thus obtained on your dining table or hang them on your Christmas tree.