We told you on Independence Day 2018: green is as trendy as it comes to colours this year. The perfect hue which sums up this 2018 emerging trend of 2018 is Celadon, to be adopted with or without moderation!

A decor story

Initially originating from the Asian continent, Celadon designates both a colour and Chinese ceramic type. Its Chinese name literally translates to “green porcelain”.

You should therefore not be stunned if the first things you find in your Internet image search are actually artifacts. But the seductive power of this greenish hue lies in how it swings between green clay and jade, striking perfect balance between neutrality and a hint of colour to wake up the decor.  

The green light to incorporate it in touches

It brings in freshness and this association with nature, without necessarily clashing with the decor. With its rather neutral composition, and variations which are neither too pale nor too dark, it will blend right in to the decor by giving it what it needs: a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.

What’s better than trendy objects in an even more fashionable colour to do so? Here are our favourite picks!

MACUMBA - Candle holder lacase.mu
MACUMBA - Candle holder
Sensoria ceramic pot celadon lacase.mu
SENSORIA - Ceramic pot
MACUMBA - Box lacase.mu
NATURE VERTE MAISON Metal hook céladon lacase.mu

Go green with the paint

If, as any neutral, it can easily secure its place on any wall at home, there are still certain rooms in which it will be more flattering.

Indeed, if it might look dull in a bedroom, it is a perfect play on monochrome looks in the living areas. In a living room, with sparse white touches for a modern and pristine look, or in a kitchen for a retro and nostalgic feel, Celadon easily adapts to your personality.

You got it; green is on and will make its grand entrance by your front door. It’s all you need to go wild.