Mostly known for goods transportation, wooden pallets have now turned into a trendy decorative accessory. Spotlight on this material which can be customised to suit your needs, at a very reasonable price!

Recycling… An interesting trend!

Imagine decorating your home in an original and ecologically responsible way… You can do so by making use of wooden pallets. Besides giving a second life to this flexible material that adapts to all styles of decor, you may also save on expenses, since wooden pallets are affordable to everyone. Easy to work with, pallets are increasingly popular among DIY enthusiasts and beginners.

Used in the living room, the bedroom or even outside in the garden, pallets are highly fashionable in all rooms of your house…

Cosy sofas:

For the living room or patio, sofas made from recycled pallets create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Whilst the pallets provide the core, cushions and paint enhance the look, matching your preferences.

A shabby-chic coffee table:

On its own or layered with several pallets, a shabby-chic coffee table adds an original touch to the living room. Equipped with four small castors, the table will be even more functional and easy to move.

A comfy bed:

Wooden pallets are the best choice for the bedroom. They are easy to mount, whether it’s for a bed base or a headboard. A couple of screws, some paint and a dash of elbow grease are all it takes to make an impressive and unique bed.

User-friendly garden furniture:

Pallet furniture is a great addition to the garden. Be it for your tables, chairs and other outdoor furnishings, wooden pallets will highlight your exterior with style.

You too, follow the eco-friendly decorating trend!