For a decade now, BPL International Ltd has been supplying its customers with the brand Magnapool, which they have entrusted ever since. Magnapool’s parent company, Zodiac France, had chosen to exclusively work with BPL in Mauritius on the grounds of the company’s records as pioneer in importing this technology locally.

The director of BPL, Benoît Laure, who has believed in Magnapool’s technology from the very start, recommends this brand to all of his customers. As a result, now in 2019, he takes pride in its success: BPL is nationally recognised as professionals in magnesium treatment…

This technology requires a proper understanding of several technical points in engineering but also in water treatment. It is an excellent proven technology which needs proficient know-how for users to enjoy its advantages at fullest “, explains Benoît Laure.

Thanks to his belief in the product, BPL has achieved its goal: promoting Magnapool so that everyone can benefit from it.

At the moment, we only work in partnership with Excellence Piscine, located in the North. While the company puts forth our technology to its customers, it is still supplied by us. We are in negotiating terms with other companies, yet have not finalised any partnership agreement to date. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concern, and we make sure our partners share the same professional values “, explains Benoît Laure.

BPL International Ltd, the only company in Mauritius to benefit from the support from the parent company Zodiac France, is also solely accredited to provide an after sales service on the entire Magnapool range, with an unmatched dexterity.

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