Beyond the bounds of a mere profession, carpentry is a passion for Panache!

Whether you are a professional trying to renovate your offices; a private customer looking for furniture for your interior; or simply require wood frame and roofing services for the exterior of your home, this company has a solution for all your needs! Overview.

More than 40 years of experience, serving you with panache

Guaranteeing quality at all levels, Panache offers, manufactures and adapts furniture to provide you with a unique lifestyle. Sometimes modern, sometimes aesthetic, this one-stop shop par excellence is at your service not only for office and home furniture, but for interior and exterior wood work as well, be it for hotels, shops and private customers.

As a key player on the Mauritian carpentry market since 1979, this company has seen and greatly contributed to the evolution of this art profession over the years. Carole Lefébure, Head of Home Department at Panache, underlines:

“We like to help our customers with their projects as much as possible. We offer a wide range of materials to give them a better offer. We always strive to implement our customers’ ideas in a feasible way without forgetting what is at the heart of our business: to surpass ourselves in our achievements to create and deliver our customer’s dream. Our employees have a wealth of experience in the field, and Panache is enriched daily with this knowledge. “

A one-stop shop for all your desires

In addition to complementary services, such as space planning, Panache works closely with many engineers, architects, decorators and interior designers… A top-quality service provider, who will adapt to your budget, and efficiently meet your needs.

Among the various development projects of the company: hotels, villas, IRS, RES, banks, offices, shops and other headquarters, commissioning the entire carpentry services.


For more information:

Telephone: 433 4111
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