Plants appease your interior, while giving it that hint of freshness… Whilst you don’t need to be a pro to look after your houseplants, you should still adopt a few easy habits to keep them healthy. shares with you the secrets to the maintenance of your houseplants.

Watering takes priority!

Fresh water, at room temperature, is the best ally. The quality of the water is just as important as the consistency of the watering. Our tip? Always allow the soil to dry out properly in between waterings, and if you use tap water, let it stand for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. To determine when to water your plant, check the weight of the flowerpot. Once it feels light, you can water it again!

The right amount of light

Plants need a fair amount of light. However, under no circumstances should they be exposed to direct sunlight. Indoor plants hate direct sunlight, so when placed near a window, make sure they get the correct exposure to light.

They need to be cleaned too

If you own plants with large leaves, you can shine them. The trick? No artificial polish! A dash of vinegar added to water, and a sponge, are the only ingredients.

Mist for optimum health!

Spraying fresh water on the leaves is a great way to increase the humidity around them. You may also spray water on the underside of the leaves, as they absorb a lot of moisture through the reverse side of their blades. To prevent limescale build-up on the leaves, add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 litre of tap water.