Indeed, the fashion faux pas exists when it comes to the kitchen! Besides, the problem is not always one of taste, but rather of small decorating and furnishing mistakes. How to avoid them and turn your kitchen into a pleasant haven? Here’s the recipe!

Mistake No. 1: Colours

It is the essence of interior design! Colours evoke emotions within a room. When it comes to the kitchen, we strive for cosiness and warmth. The secret? Use no more than three colours! For example, a single colour for the furniture (light and dark tones can be chosen), one tone for the wall (or a maximum of two for extra originality, but it is vital to use an existing tone) and another shade for the floor and worktop (similar tones will create unity).

Mistake No. 2: Furniture

Les tailles comptent en déco ! Évitez les meubles trop grands dans une petite pièce. Ils donneront un effet d’étouffement. Les meubles trop petits, quant à eux, créeront une sensation de vide. L’astuce est de mesurer l’espace de cuisine afin de trouver les bons meubles. Si vous mixez les meubles imposants et les plus petits, ils apporteront un véritable équilibre.

Mistake No. 3: Lights

It embellishes any decor! Large windows will allow natural light to come in. However, it is not always sufficient. Pick the right lighting for your space. Large ceiling lights, wall lights… Opt for the best light to suit the size of your kitchen and its windows. As for your countertop, LED spotlights will do the trick.

Mistake No. 4: Cupboards

No one likes a messy kitchen, right? Find the right combination of closed and open cupboards. Too much closed storage can give a sad effect and too much open storage can overload the space. The right mix of the two should bring the necessary balance to your kitchen.

Error No. 5: The kitchen work triangle

Never disregard this! It is one of the biggest mistakes when designing a kitchen. The sink, hob and fridge are the core features of your kitchen. A poorly positioned countertop will inevitably lead to a perception of lack of space. Therefore, the work triangle technique situates your countertop between the sink and the hob. An ingredient that saves you from needless walking around.

No more excuses for these classic design mistakes! The challenge is yours: rethink and create your ideal kitchen without any fashion faux pas.