The 1st of April is all about jokes and cheerfulness. Unfortunately, your children will not be able to celebrate Prank Day with their friends again this year. 

However, you can brighten up their days with a little imagination on their plates! Here are some fun and tasty ideas for “April Fools” dishes.

To be enjoyed for breakfast or while having your afternoon tea: fruits and fluffy pancakes! A yummy meal to whet your kids’ appetite! Cut your pancakes into the shape of a fish and use some blueberries to create the eye and the bubbles. You may need a blue plate for a visual “sea-effect”. Add thin slices of apples or plums to represent corals.

How about a tasty sandwich with a twist for lunch or dinner? All you need for this original fish-shaped sandwich is salami for the garnish; the sandwich loaves for the body; a slice of cucumber split in half for the tail; a piece of cut black olive for the eye; sliced ​​carrots for the scales; and peas for the bubbles!

You can opt for a light and very simple lunch: breaded fish! Add slices of peppers or of tomatoes for the tail, olives for the eyes, and mayonnaise for the scales… Yum!

A fresh and original-looking salad! To decorate your “fish”, you will need hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes and a slice of cheese! You can also use ham for the base. Enjoy your meal!