The Poisson d’avril is one of the main French traditions of the year which, since its start, has spread all over the world. Here’s how to make the 1st of April- which is now an international prank day- memorable.

Its origins are uncertain; if some pin it on ancestors, frustrated by a decree of King Charles IX preponing new Years from April 1st to January 1st, whose fellow counterparts made fun of them for not conforming to the new tradition, nowadays, this event is the perfect occasion  for creative and funny pranks.

In the plate 

Any excuse will do to bring back the infamous Fish & Chips! Whether you are doing it yourself with beer, or buying it, you cod-n’t do batter than this classic comfort food.

Its net value is on the rise. This is one of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s master recipes: a few thin slices of potato overriding one another will be enough to give this fish filet some crispy golden scales.

As goldfish crackers (those your kids probably can’t get enough of) for an appetizer. Use them as a replacement for peanuts, and get yourself a nice cocktail to sharken your appetite.

In the decor

The plate with a shape which fishes for compliments.

The fish which has so much style it’s actually playing koi.

These door knobs are a must, so much so, some say they’re trout of this world.

BB1100-fish-plate-12060-2WP Nature Verte
Fish plate - NATURE VERTE
DSC_3075 poisson d'avril tutti frutti 2
Decorative fish - Tutti Frutti
DSC_9050 poisson d'avril mauritius glass gallery 2
Recycled glass fish - Mauritius Glass Gallery
LAJ3464 poisson d'avril macumba 2
Fish door knob - MACUMBA
BB1100-fish-plate-12060-2WP Macumba
Wooden decorative fish - MACUMBA
Yuni Octobre 2017 part 2-4915 yuni poisson d'avril 2
Wooden fish deco - YUNI

As pranks, for the fools of the day

The cockroach which just won’t go away.

Some excessively healthy and colourful doughnuts, perhaps?

The bank note they’ll only enjoy for a short while.

Between tasty food, themed decor and practical jokes (which are a must), there are no more excuses not to have a whale of a time on April fool’s day!