Two leading trends are taking up the decor world by storm and are making fashion lovers’ hearts race…In contrast to the Scandinavian trend of these past years, the ethnic chic and bohemian gypset styles are drawing all eyes on them and seducing globe-trotters…Two trends that are clearly geared towards exoticism, evoking captivating travel mementos… Ethnic chic or bohemian gypset, what if you decided to live in a never-ending vacation?

EthniC chic: Less is more

Ethnic chic showcases the travelling spirit with the quest for harmony as its line of thought, for a trend which mixes chic and curiousness for an edgy decor. Here, there are is no stark colour overlap or accumulation… but taupe, white, grey and black shades, flattered by warm colours which evoke the earth.Terracotta is perfect to warm up your interior and remind you of villages in the South of Morocco.

The flooring is a mere background of a successful ethnic chic style: dark wooden floors, natural fiber floors or sisal carpet for bathrooms,tadelakt for bedrooms…Forget about light tiles and white floorings! Berber carpets or those which are made of woven cotton featuring geometric patterns will bring life to the decor and can even be used as headboards.Create an ethnic chic mood with a beautiful linen sofa in your living room, or a sculpted wooden sideboard.

Bring back linens from your trips to Asia; find new elements in flea markets; use rattan baskets for storage, and adopt a few plants… All of these tips make up for the ethnic chic style! 

Bohemian gypset: No limits

The bohemian gypset style is for the bold and brave…This boho trend is inspired from the jet-set and throws traditional codes of interior design upside-down…It’s quite simple: nothing is off-limits!Inspired by the hippie movement, this style favours colours, and an accumulation of objects from trips,with fabrics and pillows…

Ornaments have to be colourful! Seatings are low… so why not give in and create an oriental mood by accumulating multi-coloured carpets and pillows on the ground? A tall Mexican cactus and sombreros on the wall will remind you of your hot days in Cancun, and a sculpted screen with pink, blue or red candle holders will transport you in India. Mix styles fearlessly and spice up your decoration with hammered copper vases or porcelain, among other eclectic objects brought from your trips.

Play the card of this trend and give a try at DIY by crafting macramé suspensions to decorate your walls, and don’t forget plants to impart this tropical touch that is so emblematic of bohemian gypset!