Your curtains… your bed linen… or your armchair covers… Which fabric shall perfectly fit into your home, while allowing it to breathe?

Each type of textile varies in textures, colours, prints, thickness, and even ease of maintenance… There are several things you need to know to make the perfect choice. gives you some ideas to help you choose which fabric best suits your home and the Mauritian climate.

Cotton: the one and only

It defines utilitarian comfort… Who doesn’t want to relax in neat and soft sheets of their bed after a hard days’ work? Cotton, a natural, robust and soft material, is perfect for your bed rugs or for your sofas. It is easy to maintain ultra-absorbent, and able to boast bold colours and prints. Lightweight, it retains moisture, which is perfect for the hot season!

Linen: versatile and comfortable

The texture of this natural fabric changes, depending on how it has been weaved; it can be used in various ways and in different styles. Perfect for your curtains or to cover your cushions, linen is as resistant as it is comfortable. It is a textile that breathes, greatly improving comfort at home.

Hemp: a thousand and one virtues

This fabric will definitely add softness to your home. It is not only comfortable, but also soft, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, UV resistant, heat and light-resistant, and can protect up to 95% of UV rays! In addition, its fibre is hollow and breathable. It gives your curtains a nice finish, with a puffy drape effect.

In conclusion, prefer natural materials and forget about synthetic fibres! Even if they are almost wrinkle-free, they do not have pores… meaning they retain odours and do not breathe.