You need more space in your room or you need more storage in your entrance? This is a useful wardrobe and easy to do.


A sheet of plywood.
Glue. Nails. Screw.
Screwdriver drill.


For the sides: 2 pieces of 183 x 40 cm
For shelves: 3 pieces of 81 x 40 cm
For the base: 2 pieces of 81 x 9 cm
For the bottom: 1 piece of 84 x 41cm
For the coat rack: 1 bar of 100 cm x 25 diameter


1. Cut out the different parts.
2. Start by making the base with 1 piece of 81 x 40 cm and the 2 pieces of 81 x 9 cm. Glue, nail and screw.
3. Glue, nail and screw the sides to the base.
4. Glue, nail and screw the middle shelf and the top shelf (as shown).
5. Glue, nail and screw the bottom at the bottom of the wardrobe.
6. Finally, make a hole in each side to pass the wooden bar of the coat rack.

Source: Magazine Lacase No 53
By Kedvee Goinden, avec EDL Furniture
Photos – Ejilen Ramasawmy & Jean Noël Ah Kee