The new lunar year bows under the sign of the Metal Rat, the first animal of the Chinese zodiac cycle. This rodent, known for its great curiosity and intelligence, places 2020 under the symbolism of its element, Metal, and its qualitiesstrength, resistance and sustainabilityheralding growth and success for the New Year. Cunning, the rat has the intuition to find the right veins. Following in his steps, offers a selection of innovative decorations to embellish your New Year’s Eve dinner.

A source of inspiration for our decor

The New Year’s Eve dinner is known for the the culinary traditions accompanying this celebration. It reflects the complexity and richness of the Chinese culture. The dishes served, symbolising longevity, good health and abundance, are to be enjoyed with the family around a beautifully decorated round table.

Gold everywhere

The lucky colours of the Rat will be a source of inspiration when embellishing your reception table. The Metal Rat places the colour gold, which depicts nobility and richness, in its palette, adding sophisticated tones of blue and green. Omnipresent, the shades of fire are part of daily life as well as in the traditional decor.

Never too many flowers

Flowers invite peace between generations to your table. The sublime lucky flowers of the Metal Rat are the lily and the violets. And they will bring charm to your decoration.

The iconic red of the tradition

In order to follow traditions and to bring a final touch, red is a must for the celebration of the Spring Festival. Colour of celebrations, prayers and respect, red helps to repel evil spirits, hence bringing happiness and luck to every home.

Thanks to their intuition and imagination, those born under the sign of the Rat adapt easily to new environments and are thus able to accomplish numerous tasks. Inspire yourself from the Metal Rat, by placing your decoration under its predilection. And may this year smile to you. Kung Shee Fat Choy !