As summer is tiptoeing back, warmer days are awaited by lingering outdoor lovers. One of the places to be this summer will be our garden. So why not revamp it with a gazebo or a pergola? To help you make your choice between these two lovely dwellings, please find’s tips.

Whether you choose the gazebo or the pergola, your garden or terrace will be beautified with a fresh shelter. Find more about the differences between them.

The gazebo or kiosk

Summertime drizzles will not ruin your nice friendly meals again nor will the sun hit you too hard near the pool… and this is thanks to the gazebo. Looking like a small garden bungalow with walls, it shelters you and provides a soothing place in the midst of nature. Wood, stones and other materials will be chosen accordingly. Just select your favourite atmosphere from colonial style, creole architecture or pristine modernity. 

Perfect as a relaxation haven, it also acts as a shield from the sun and rains. Its openings can be protected with mosquito nets.

The pergola 

To achieve two targets in a go, the pergola is the right solution! Used to support creepers as well as offering a lush green corner calling upon rest, it is covered with horizontal rafters and is therefore open-roofed. Ideal to watch the blue sky and stars! With plants on the top or used as an arbour, it delicately shadows the terrace. 

Other materials can cover it such as bamboo, waterproof tarpaulins and even transparent metal sheets. 

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