With the new year, innovative trends in decoration are now to be discovered… Even if giving a fresh blow to your living room or kitchen is mainstream, the bathroom is often the forgotten part of the house… And yet, how much time do we spend dolling ourselves up in there? In 2020, let’s change things and have fun in making the bathroom a cosy space, where we let time flow… 4 trends are emerging, follow the guide!

Classic Blue

Blue is the new black and Classic Blue has been chosen as the colour of the year 2020 by Pantone! Refreshing, elegant and timeless, this smart and stylish colour will enhance your bathroom, making room for some eccentricities. Embellished with metallic decorative objects, your bathroom will be baroque, contemporary or oriental with blue as the ideal backdrop.

The Graphic Spirit

Graphic is so chic. Take a neutral background, white or pearl grey for example, and play the game of contrast with black stripes… Your wall can also bear painted stripes. And what about customising your bathroom by painting the sink legs and the outline of your mirror in black? You may also play on the colour of your towels, carpets and other decorative elements?

Mosaic Tiles

Cement mosaic tiles play along with the game of originality. On the wall or on the floor, the combinations are endless… You can opt for the classic look and reproduce a pattern, for a chic oriental atmosphere. However, if originality does not scare you, mix colours and patterns for a unique look.

The island bathtub

The bathroom becomes a living space in its own right… Place a cast-iron island bathtub, that you have painted, at the center of your bathroom, and make sure to refine the space around it… The result will be chic and will superbly call upon moments of pleasure. A few plants and candles will gracefully complete the set.

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